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INTRODUCING TWO NEW SERVICES! Virtual staging and automobile inspections.

1) Virtual Staging For Real Estate Listings- HUGE SAVINGS over real staging. 

Let's face it. Most buyers are unable to envision how to use an empty space, or if their belongings will fit. Real staging can set you back a few thousand dollars for even a modest home (and more for larger ones). Or, several hundred dollars just for a condo. Some of it is so cheesy it can diminish a home. VIRTUAL staging is extremely affordable, it does not cause damage, and it is FAST.


Renders are so real looking now it is a great way to go. Photos can be used on the MLS, as long as you show the before & after and note the virtual staging. It is a hot new trend and gives the buyer a good sense of the possibilities- while saving you a TON of money.

Optional styles and accessories will assure YOUR rooms stand out! First impressions on the MLS are everything. And for you For Sale By Owner folks, THIS will help you get to the finish line. 


Just send Wayne your high-quality, empty room photos via drop box or on portable media, tell him what style you'd like to see, and he will handle the rest. 2-3 day turnaround it typical and edits can be made! Whole room pricing starts at $45.00. The more rooms you want, the greater the savings. Wayne can also do the photography for a reasonable additional fee.


It gets even better: Order a full presale home inspection and up to 8 rooms will be staged for free on houses, or 4 on a condo. 


Furnished rooms can also be altered and refurnished virtually. The sky is the limit. You can also print the photos, and place them in the room! 

Outdoor spaces can also be staged. 


Services are offered for the public, or Realtors.    

Family room.JPG

The same room, virtually staged in a tropical-contemporary blend. Which one do you think will make your phone ring?  

165077142273143_Family Room.jpg

Some spaces can be hard to imagine, like this Nuuanu Brookside unit. No problem, I have you covered!  

Family room.jpg

Even difficult rooms and amateur photos can be brought to life- and dramatically increase your chances of getting showing requests. Let's go! 


The power of suggestion is one of a Realtor's most valuable tools. Staging like this throughout would cost several thousand dollars for an average size home. Virtual staging costs are only a fraction of that! 


2) Automobile inspections for used car buyers 

Ever bought a used car only to discover it had major problems, or that it was in an undisclosed accident, perhaps making it unsafe? Or you grossly overpaid for one? A lot of people have (ask Wayne about the disaster of a 1978 Trans Am he bought many years ago). The truth is, some folks prey on the ignorant & uneducated.  

Wayne Blackburn has been a car guy for 43 years. He has researched, bought, restored and sold numerous used cars, and a few new ones. He was an auto mechanic right out of high school, and then climbed the corporate ladder at a major automotive aftermarket parts chain, purchasing the inventory for 40 retail & wholesale locations. He also worked for Gateway Classic Cars- Fort Lauderdale location, where he was tasked with inspecting and selling antique, classic, custom, special interest and muscle cars- and was continually top salesperson for the majority of his time there. 


Buying a bad car is not only disappointing, it can put your finances and safety at risk. Wayne's non-invasive inspection and research can help you avoid buying a problem car, so put his many years of experience to work. Although the inspection is not a warranty, it CAN bring problems to light so you can renegotiate the deal, or walk away with confidence... knowing you avoided potential disaster. 


All domestic and import models are included. Inspections are done on location, island-wide, be it at a private residence or dealership. Functionality is scrutinized, as are the exterior, body, underside and interior. Vehicles are driven and evaluated. All systems are documented for functionality and defects.


Notes: Wayne requires review of the current title, and CarFax's are also reviewed (1981 & up vehicles). Services start at $199. 1981 & up vehicles require an additional fee of $40, unless a CarFax of less than 14 days old is provided by the seller or dealer. (Auto-Check reports are not acceptable). An opinion of value is provided.    

Service is offered island-wide, however a fee of $95.00 is added for remote regions like Waianae, Laie & North Shore areas.  

Inspections are by appointment. 808-318-6000


Wayne with is first car- a 1969 Pontiac GTO, in 1980- two days after his 16th birthday. 


Wayne reunited with his 1969 GTO Judge in 2017 after not seeing it since 1986. He bought it in California, and drove it cross-country back to Florida.  

Typical Mauna Luan family room. Not so interesting empty right? 

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