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You have ONE shot to get the inspection right when buying or selling a home. Your safety, health, and finances are at risk if it is not done right. That's why you need this guy.  


Wayne Blackburn began his professional home inspection career in Honolulu, Hawaii back in April 2002. He passed the supervised National Home Inspector's Exam in 2004 and was a member of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) for his first 8 years in the business- reaching the highest level of Certified Inspector. His real estate background began 27 years ago in Tampa, Florida where he served as a Property Manager, Construction Manager, Historic Registration Consultant, and as an avid renovator for his own properties.  


Wayne has a reputation of honesty, integrity, and acting to protect his client's best interests. He is an advocate for the regulation of home inspection industry in Hawaii, AHIT-Certified, is the founding member of HAHI (Hawaii Association of Home Inspectors), is a licensed home inspector in Florida, and an FAA Certified UAV (Drone) PIC (Pilot in Command) for commercial use. He conducts every inspection personally, bringing the objectivity, background, experience, tools, professionalism & ethics needed to do the job right every time. Oahu's caring Realtors value his work and refer him with confidence because they know the thoroughness, honesty and professionalism he provides are the best form of risk reduction for everyone. They also know if he brings up a concern it is valid. 

Master-Level from the Hawaii Association of Home Inspectors is arguably the finest credential available to a professional home inspector in the State of Hawaii. It CAN'T be bought online. Instead, it has to be earned and is only available to highly-qualified, deeply experienced HAHI Members who have proven themselves locally to the public, and their fellow Members. The HAHI Standards and Code of Ethics are above and beyond other organizations.  


Wayne is also a licensed real estate salesperson in Hawaii (RS-78659) and has been a real estate licensee since 2011- selling in two of the most expensive, prestigious markets in the world: Vancouver BC, and Honolulu, HI. These experiences are a real plus for Wayne's clients because it means he has a far greater sensitivity, appreciation and understanding of all parties, the working parts in a real estate transaction and in KNOWING the product. Bringing parties together to solve problems is invaluable, in emotion filled time-sensitive real estate transactions.


Wayne does not provide fee-paid inspections for properties he represents or sells, but can certainly use his experience to guide Sellers and Buyers- and he only refers the finest inspectors on the island when needed. 

All said, hiring or referring Wayne is a win-win situation because it means you are working with a very caring, ethical and professional individual with unmatched credentials. His loyalty to his client- while standing ready to help everyone work through a transaction are his specialty and what separates him from others.  

You are more than a paycheck to us.     


Wayne takes pride on every inspection he performs and he truly cares. If you are not 100% satisfied, he will do everything he can to resolve the concern, up to refunding 100% of the inspection fee if necessary. 

Covid responsible and compliant: Wayne follows CDC guidelines, and has been fully vaccinated since April 2021.  



Please note: I no longer choose to support or participate on YELP due to an ongoing lack of care by them to screen content for legitimacy and accuracy- regardless of public outcry. I do not solicit reviews and the reviews I show are all legitimate. 

- Wayne Blackburn