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Let's face it. Homes are expensive and Buyers can get BURNED if they don't protect themselves. Just ask anyone who caved under pressure and waived, or skimped on the home inspection- only to discover major problems after closing. Very expensive ones at that. I'd like to believe you are SMARTER than that! Once you close, YOU OWN IT and everything that comes with that. Good or bad. 

BOTTOM LINE: Arm yourself with the finest home inspector you can find. Rest assured I do the job right; you WILL KNOW what you are buying or selling if I do it.  

A home inspection is not an appraisal, and it is not a "routine formality". It can prevent disappointment, financial ruin, and it can help save lives. Toss in minimal standard building codes, quality issues, the occasional dishonest individual and many non-permitted improvements, it becomes crystal clear why you should arm yourself with the finest professional home inspector you can find. 


My goal has always been to provide the finest home inspection services available, at a fair price, with the best possible report product. I never want to give my clients the impression I am working to satisfy someone else's agenda. I enjoy what I do and I have always operated well above fray. 

My experience, style, and values: 

1.) BACKGROUND: Mine is diverse, and was an excellent foundation for entry into the industry back in 2002. I've done my own major renovations, property management, construction management, held membership & top certification with ASHI (ASHI Member 2002-2010), completed the supervised National Home Inspectors Exam in 2004, completed the Carson Dunlop correspondence course, completed 120 hours of AHIT (American Home Inspector Training) certification course, and I've performed thousands of fee-paid home inspections- CORRECTLY.

2.) INTEGRITY. I work for my client. I protect them by providing the level of care they expect and deserve, through a more than thorough home inspection. That starts by being on time, being prepared, being honest, and staying long enough to make sure their questions are answered. I steer clear of fee-paid preferred vendor lists, referral fees, and kick-backs. I am an objective neutral third party (as it should be) and I respect all parties. Staying in touch with Hawaii's Realtors is part of the job, and I am very grateful for their trust and referrals. I WELCOME the day Hawaii regulates the home inspection industry- because of the high number of unscrupulous individuals doing it.    

3.) ACCURACY: I have the experience and instincts necessary to provide the best possible inspection- and to back up every concern I raise. I document things very well, and I love the research needed on occasion. I tell people (jokingly) that I write every one of my reports as if I am going to have to explain myself to a Judge. Fortunately, I have never had to do that. 


4.) PROFESSIONALISM: I am easy to reach, believe in great communication, and I provide what is expected. I take pride in my appearance, my vehicle is newer and clean. I respect the homes I inspect, and everyone involved. I do not discriminate- in any way, shape or form and treat everyone equally.  ​

5.) NO RUSHED INSPECTIONS: Faster isn't better. In fact, a fast home inspection is the last thing you want because things will be missed (or misidentified). I never book inspections so close to one another I have to rush, or rush to the next one. Doing so would be an injustice to the client. 

6.) INDEPENDANT: I prefer not to be at the mercy of the various lower standards and values of others because my standard is much higher. Independence gives me the freedom to do a better job for my client, and the industry. The fact is, the Standards set forth by some organizations can be compared to ill-suited building code. Building codes only set a minimal standard- meaning things can always be done better. 

7.) RESPONSIBLE INTERACTION: Personality has a lot to do with success. I am told my personality is calm, and matter-of-fact. I do not alarm my clients by making irresponsible or otherwise uncalled for comments. I understand the stress involved in buying or selling a home. My goal is to educate. This also includes mentioning what's GOOD about the home. I love talking with my clients, Realtors, and others. 

8.) DETECTIVE WORK: This is often necessary when homes do not match the tax record, when viewing flips, homeowner renovations or older homes in general. Rest assured I know where to look, and what to look for. I document the concerns in a way that anyone can understand it. 

9.) HERE FOR YOU: I am here for you before, during and after the inspection. Not everyone can see a home as I do, let alone know how to deal with what is found. I can usually provide solutions (sometimes highly creative ones) for the problem areas. I've helped save many transactions just by helping the client (or their Realtor) understand things after the inspection. Solutions solve problems.   

10.) MONEY BACK GUARANTY: If for some reason my client is unhappy with my service, I'll offer to meet with them, reinspect the home free, solve the problem, or refund their money. Fortunately, I have never had to provide a refund.  

11.) PHOTOS: I provide premium photos- lots of them. Need others? No problem. 

12.) DRONE USE: I am licensed by the FAA for commercial drone use. I use a 4K camera, which provides amazing stills or video. I shoot the roof, property and region while airborne- at no extra charge.  

Blue Bathroom
Modern Fireplace
Luxury Mansion Interior
Modern Living Room Interior
Image by Jens Peter Olesen
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