Our inspections provide industry-leading review of all the major systems, using the finest Standards and Code of Ethics in the industry.

The Hawaii Association of Home Inspectors (HAHI) Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics go much further than the two popular national organizations, requiring a more thorough review of the following systems. For example, they also require the inspector to have a better understanding of all systems, and recommend replacement of certain systems known to be hazardous, or otherwise potentially problematic. The Code of Ethics insists on a far greater level of care. 












  • HEATING (Where present) etc...


We spend the time necessary to do the job right. NO rushed inspections, NO vague comments, and more photos than you might care to see. All neatly arranged in an electronic report format that is easy to use and understand. 


It's your inspection. We want you there!


Our inspector invites the Client to attend the inspection, so you have the best possible understanding of the home you are buying or selling. It's just better if you are there, because discussing our concern in person will help you understand it much better.


After delivery of the report, the inspector stands ready to assist with questions or concerns. The goal is to help you make an educated decision on what is usually the largest financial undertaking you will ever make. 


We respect everyone's time and want to do it right. 


We provide a review of the inspection after we complete it, but we do no produce reports onsite following the inspection like some. We prefer to spend more time on the report, so we can provide a more responsible report. Our reports are generally available in 24-48 hours, and again, our client is welcome to attend the inspection. Rush services are available. 

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We use best-in-the-business HORIZON Inspection Software.    

Choosing the right materials and installation methods for the exterior is important, if you desire a low maintanence, problem free home. This column base cap was flat, and already leaking after only 1 year. There is a good change of concealed damage inside.