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Just a few examples of what we look for. Click on the photo to enlarge, and to read the comments. 

We overlay arrows & text in the actual report. 

EXPERIENCE MATTERS. Wayne's inspections provide an industry-leading review of all the major systems. They EXCEED the Standards of the two leading national organizations. Why? Because those minimum standards fail to provide a complete picture of the home. 

I understand the importance of catching the concerns the first time- so you can make the important fact-based decisions you need to, before closing. This keeps YOU in the driver's seat and can help with negotiations. I use HomeGauge and Horizon software, state of the art platforms designed to provide highly professional, easy to use reports. My inspections and ethics exceed the minimum requirements set forth by the two popular national organizations and out of a higher level of care for the client. My typical full service inspection covers *review of:    










*Except where not applicable in a condominium setting. 

Also provided, at no extra charge: 

  1. Temperature readings (Hot water, refrigerators, attics, air conditioning supply & return, etc.)

  2. Moisture testing for suspect areas

  3. Thermal imaging for suspect areas.

  4. Drone photography (Houses and townhouses- airspace, weather & association permitting)

  5. Additional photos as needed for your use. 

I spend whatever time is necessary to do the job right. NO rushed inspections, NO vague comments, NO guesses, and MORE photos than you might care to see. All neatly arranged in an electronic report .pdf format that is easy to use and understand. Buy, or sell with confidence. 


It's your day, your inspection. I want you there!

I invite my clients to attend the inspection, so they have the best possible understanding of the home you are buying or selling. It's better if you are there, because discussing a concern in person (and showing it to you) will help you understand things much better. And, it's a great way to spend some time in your home you may not have otherwise, before you close. 


After delivery of the report, I stand ready to assist with questions or concerns. The goal is to help you make an educated decision, on what is most likely the largest financial transaction in your lifetime. Seasoned buyers will appreciate my candor, and experience. New home buyers often thank me profusely, for finding the problems and informing them up front.  


I respect everyone's time and prefer to do it right. 


I provide a review of the inspection during and after I complete it, however I do not produce reports on site like some following the inspection. Why? Simple- I don't want to hold everyone up. And, I prefer to spend more time on the report, so I can provide an even more responsible report. My reports are generally available in 24-48 hours, and again, my client is welcome to attend the inspection. Rush services are available for a reasonable additional fee. 

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