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A good home inspector can save you a lot of grief, help keep you safe, and help you avoid financial disaster. The role of a home inspector is one of the single most important in a real estate transaction- so hire and refer wisely. Especially in our non-regulated environment. That's why you need me.  


Home buyer inspections are the bulk of my business. I also offer services for Sellers (presale inspections), which is the BEST way to catch problems BEFORE they become a problem during a listing. I can also customize my normal inspection to suit the needs of those only needing certain information about one system, a renovation, or phase inspections, etc.  


Shopping around? REMEMBER:


  1. Don't just ask "how much" or hire / refer based on price alone.

  2. Home inspectors are not regulated in Hawaii, so please don't hire or accept just anyone. 

  3. No national home inspector organization membership or certification will make up for an inspector lacking in knowledge, skills, background or professionalism. 

  4. You need someone experienced... a professional with integrity who insists on honesty, with the right background and tools, if you want it done right.

  5. You need assurance the inspector has your best interest at heart, nobody else's. Read the content in this website. Compare credentials, backgrounds & positions.

  6. You can call me with your questions.

  7. You can attend my inspection.

  8. I will be honest with you about the condition of the home.

  9. NEVER trust online reviews alone because it is a fact there are a high rate of fraudulent submissions.   

  10. My prices are already very competitive, however I am happy to beat any highly-qualified home inspector's / inspection company's pricing by $25.00 if necessary to earn your business*. 


PRICE LISTS: Click to view 


ATTACHED HOUSING  (Townhouses etc.) 


Payment Options

  • I accept cash, local check, Venmo or Cash App.

  • Payment is due the same day as inspection.  

*I will happily price match another highly-qualified Hawaii based, professional home inspector / inspection company's pricing. The inspector must be at least GE licensed to practice in the State of Hawaii and certified by one of the well known national organizations. Please send me their quote in writing, showing the inspection property address. No other discounts would apply. 


Elvis Presley spent his honeymoon at this really cool futuristic home!


(During construction in 1960 and today).

1350 Ladera Cir, Palm Springs, CA (Photographer credit: unknown)

1350 Ladera Circle.jpg
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