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The more I can see, the better- Some things I recommend for the best possible inspection

A thorough, accurate, successful home inspection requires a few things to make it happen, and to assure the client is properly informed. My goal is to provide the best possible inspection. Here are a few guidelines I've developed over the years to make sure things go smoothly. (Try to arrange as many of these as possible before the inspection). 


  • Please review and provide the Sellers' disclosure, prior to the inspection.  

  • All utilities must be on including water, electricity, gas and that pilots are lit in gas appliances where applicable. I can't activate theses items due to potential liability. 

  • I need to be able to see all of the plumbing inside the home- under sinks, the entire water heater, etc. So, be sure to remove items blocking these components. Some water heaters are buried within enclosures; I will access them if access is reasonable and as long as it will not cause damage. Fixed, sealed enclosures should be removed by the Seller, before the inspection.  

  • I need full access for all electrical panels inside and outside the home, so please remove items that may be hiding them, or otherwise obstructing them. 

  • I can't connect or unpack appliances that are new or offline- so unless it has a problem, please require the Seller set them up / bring them online before the inspection so they can be tested. Refrigerators need to be on for at least 24 hours before testing. 

  • All circuit breakers should be left ON (unless there is a known problem or unless they are just a spare). These are not switches and I do not offer to turn them on for safety.  

  • Please remove all items stored inside dishwashers, laundry equipment, and ovens prior to the inspection, because I test the installed appliances.  

  • I would appreciate unfriendly / noisy pets being caged or removed from the property.   

  • All doors, closets, rooms and cabinets should be unlocked so I can review those areas.  

  • Sellers, tenants and agents are welcome- but must NOT hinder, or interfere with the inspection process in any way. This way, the client will be far more comfortable and free to ask their questions without reservation. This is truly in the best interest of all parties and has proven to be the best policy. 

  • As a courtesy, I ask that Sellers and tenants refrain from smoking inside the home while I'm on the property. 

  • Hoarding situations are very unfortunate. Please understand I can only inspect or remark on what I can see without moving things. Sometimes, it's just better to wait until the property is vacated- especially older homes, so please keep this in mind during negotiations. In these cases, I offer to do an initial review, and then return for a reasonable additional fee when it is empty. 

  • Tenants require proper notice by law, so please make sure they are aware of the inspection day, time and approximate length. 



The seriousness of the recommendations underscores the necessity of your
services. We appreciate the thoroughness of your work and the thoughtfulness
in your presentation. We were very fortunate to have you recommended to us.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts”.

"Wayne did a great job inspecting our newly purchased home! Super quick response via email and fair price. After email correspondence from several home inspectors, I decided to go with Wayne. He was very thorough in his report and even allowed my local cousin who works in construction be present for the whole inspection. My cousin even mentioned that Wayne was very detailed in his inspection which is comforting since we currently live in California. Easily available by phone or email regarding any questions about the report, etc. His suggested repairs also got the seller to either agree to make the fixes or provide us a credit. Another positive was that he didn't just submit a report the same day. He took the time to be detailed in his report as evidence by his pictures and descriptions. When I buy my next  home, I'll definitely give Wayne a call. Thanks!"

"Wonderful service for home inspection.
We have used Wayne's services twice and I really appreciate all that he has done for us.  He is very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and professional.  He is very thorough with his work and I can truly see that he take good pride in his reports.

Very impressed that he uses a drone to take pictures of the roof and neighborhood. Each photos come with color and a explanation of what needs repairs and why.

As a buyer I felt he really took care of us in making a decision if we wanted that home or not. He even allowed my husband to follow him around while he did he inspection.

We would highly recommend him to anyone that are in need of a home inspection. Reports come in a timely matter and he is willing to schedule you as soon as possible. Will definitely use him again if we decide to buy another home in the future".

"Methodical and professional, Wayne strikes the perfect balance between fully informing the buyers he represents about the issues with the property he is inspecting, and not relying on scare tactics or embellishments of minor issues to artificially prove his value. As a Realtor, I deeply appreciate his thoroughness, great communication, and dedication to improving the standards of his profession. I'll definitely be recommending his services again!"

"Wayne is so thorough and honest. We were so grateful to be referred to him and he saved us from HUGE issues".

"Wayne was the inspector for the home that we're selling.  We were so impressed with the thoroughness and attention to detail all the while maintaining an objective stance, we asked him to inspect the home that we are in the process of purchasing.  I asked my realtor if she had seen the level of detail and comprehensive report, she remarked that such quality is uncommon.  Anyone who is selling or buying a home, it would serve them well to obtain Wayne's professional service."

Team work
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