Our Report

Thank you so very
much.  This is the type
of report every buyer
should have on
hand...clear and
concise (and simple so
even someone like me
can understand).  It
helped us out a great
deal in deciding what to
focus on.  Thank you for
doing such a thorough

Aloha, Zeny"
Doing it right.   
Click the photo to the left to see one of
our typical photo layouts.

Our Summary section describes and
elaborates ALL of the concerns shown in
each photo.

Contact sheets are high quality, so give it a
moment download! (PDF).
Don't settle for an inferior product, or one that overwhelms you with a bunch of information
you don't need. Say hello to our standard report. It is our own design, and we introduced it to
Oahu way back in early 2002. Like a fine wine, it has only gotten better over the years. All
inspections included a courtesy hard copy like above, at no extra charge!

Before the inspection, our inspector is already working on the case. He goes the extra mile
checking public records, permit history & more to help identify things not being disclosed, and
to cross-check often erroneous MLS data in the interest of providing more accuracy in the
Don't let all those photos overwhelm you. We explain each one. Our computer generated
photo layout is tied directly to our separate, multi-page area by area inspection summary. We
use high quality glossy photo stock, adding reference arrows or comments as needed for
clarity. Our typical report for a modest house includes anywhere between 60-100+ crystal
clear photos. Problem homes or older homes often have more than 150 photos in the layout.
In this day and age, only the most professional product will do. We've got it! In addition, the
report body (HomeGauge) has very detailed system information. This equates to about three
times the documentation offered by most others.

We also include a "How to use this report" guide, our feedback form, supporting information
where needed or helpful, our contract, our card, and more.

Absentee Buyers and international orders are no problem. Once we receive payment, we can
e-mail our summary and photos (PDF) directly to you the same day as the Inspection where
needed. The full report can be send via Priority Mail, or Fed-X Overnight as needed. We can
discuss things over the phone too, to help you through the process.
Our report involves the inspector's skill and experience, research, the inspection, the Client,
and their Agent all in the interest of providing a report that is easy to use and understand.
The inspector welcomes the Client for the entire inspection as well.

HomeGauge, America's finest inspection software, is used to document the major systems in
the home. We do not rely exclusively on it for our entire report like some do. Instead, we
record and transcribe our own narrative summary to better outline our findings in much
greater detail. This is all assembled within a beautiful property-specific binder you can keep
as a reference guide or to provide additional disclosure when you sell your home. It's
absolutely everything you need, and nothing more. No nonsense, complete, and to the point.
You'll feel prepared when you sit down with a Seller and their Realtor with our report.

Our product has helped Buyers save hundreds to sometimes thousands of dollars off the
original contracted price because we document and substantiate the real problems. It has
facilitated repairs prior to closing, and it has helped other Buyers avoid disaster. Caring
Realtors absolutely love it, because they know it helps protect everyone involved. Our
inspections and reports not only satisfy the ASHI Standards of Practice, they surpass them.
The ASHI Standards of practice are just a baseline for excellence. Like minimum code
standards, things can always be done better. Even Buyers of those "As-Is, Where Is" listings
have been able to negotiate a better price because of our report. Look at it this way: Once a
Seller or Selling Realtor has the knowledge of a real problem, it is in their best interest morally
and legally to either disclose it or repair it. So really, they are better to work with a Buyer and
resolve it during the active transaction. Otherwise, they risk a collapsed deal.

After the actual Inspection, we're confident we spend more time and money than anyone in
Hawaii on report production. That does not mean we are inefficient; it means our inspection
Clients receive nothing less than an outstanding product. Information is scrutinized.
Summaries and Photos are sent within 24 hours usually. The final hard copy product is a high
quality, highly accurate report that paints a clear picture of the subject. That means you can
count on it. Sit down in front of a Seller with our report, and negotiate with full confidence. Do
the same with a lesser report and you won't get very far. Parties will respect our report.